Keep Fayetteville Financially Fit

Support a healthy ecosystem of businesses, organizations, and individuals that share the values of Fayetteville—people and environment.
— Sonia Gutierrez
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IDENTIfY large companies that align with our values

A large company that values its people is a company that gets it. They realize that with the right talent, energy, and skills of their team, they will be able to meet and exceed their goals. It is a win-win situation when a large corporation takes care of their people. A safe, valued, and supported workforce means output and success for all. 

Large businesses that value the environment is what Fayetteville cares about. When a business is recycling, protecting water, and air quality it says that it is invested in a long-term view. Fayetteville wants to see its trees, not an ugly skyline of concrete. It wants to uphold a high standard such as ways to integrate alternative energies, green roofs, and responsible water run-off solutions. 

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Build small and medium size businesses & Organizations to be the future world-class leaders

Fayetteville's small and medium businesses and organizations are on a growth path toward becoming world-class leaders. Those entities have huge potential when they value their people. Key individuals with the right experience who work collaboratively with others will make that difference toward their annual goals. Keeping their talented players happy with a chance to benefit from the growth of the company keeps people invested in the potential. 

The small and medium businesses that are going out of their way to invest in solar panels or integrate permeable parking lots are businesses that thrive in Fayetteville. We all love the businesses that choose paper over Styrofoam. We love that they are willing to go out of their way for the environment and bear the extra cost because they know we are loyal and dedicated customers.

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Fayetteville values individuals who are entrepreneurial. In this city they can find the resources to get free business coaching, data, and advice. We as a city want to help incubate the ideas of our artists, freelancers and startups and channel their energy and excitement toward success.

This city supports those with creative vision that also prioritize people and protecting our natural resources.