Keep Fayetteville Friendly

Invite all people to be involved in city government so that all voices are represented and remove barriers for visitors and residents.
— Sonia Gutierrez
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Build inclusivity in all aspects of government, leadership, and opportunity

Who is at the table impacts the outcome. When all people of all ages, backgrounds, abilities, and income levels are influencing decisions affecting their experience in Fayetteville we are practicing our democratic value. We believe all people have equal opportunity by practicing equal access at all levels of government and committees.

Fayetteville builds inclusivity from the top down to ensure that the even the least represented and vulnerable voices are actively being sought, invited, and heard. A core value we have in this city is the respect and enhancement of the dignity of all people by practicing active listening.

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Fayetteville wants to make sure its visitors have a positive experience while they are here. We want to have the right signage, the best possible parking experience, and overnight stays. We care that our prospective students and parents feel welcomed because their patronage to our hotels, motels, and restaurants increases everyone's access to arts and cultural events.

We want to make sure that our visitors tell others what a beautiful, welcoming, and fun town we are. Fayetteville aims to attract and retain the most talented, creative, and energized people who are considering a move to Northwest Arkansas. 

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Increase accessibility to city services

Fayetteville government is here to serve and support its residents. We want to make the menu of offerings easy to review and access. When there are questions, concerns or ideas we want our people to find it easy to get answers, results, and empowerment to build on ideas that improve the process.

Fayetteville values an open door to its people so that those who live, work, and play here have the best possible experience.