Always Keep Fayetteville Funky

Support the arts, our unique curb appeal, and our local businesses that make Fayetteville memorable and funky.
— Sonia Gutierrez
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Enhance opportunities for continued growth of arts and culture

Fayetteville will benefit greatly from the development of the Arts, Culture, and Design district. With this opportunity we value the support of all artists' needs including affordable work space, exhibition, and professional development opportunities. We know that a thriving arts district in turn will attract all kinds of businesses to the area to feed, house, and entertain all who work, visit, and live in the area.

We value creativity and those who make, create and build—our innovators and place-makers. Fayetteville cares about people and organizations that increase access to creativity for everyone through connecting directly with artists, getting a chance to participate in making, selling, and purchasing locally made items.

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Fayetteville values its eclectic collection of buildings. We like that we don't have a cookie-cutter look and feel. Fayetteville sees the value of encouraging new development to work with what currently exists, re-purposing our existing spaces and maintaining its existing vibe.


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Acknowledge the important role of the local business

We in Fayetteville love our local businesses because they make our work and life experience better, fun, and memorable. When we go out to eat, go shopping, or attend an event it is the experience that the local owner has invested time and energy to create that makes Fayetteville a memorable place. We value the support of our local businesses.