We did it! Thank you!


Thank you. Your “shares,” “likes,” hearts, comments, financial support, advice, volunteer time, EVERYTHING—IT PAID OFF.

This is a culmination of 4 years and now 3 elections. I ran in 2014, and now survived and thrived in 2018!

This took a village, and you came through.

I am incredibly grateful.

Here are the “unofficial, final runoff numbers” that were used to decide our victory!


Olivia Trimble 282 votes at 33.14% of the votes

Sonia Gutierrez 571 votes at 66.86% of the votes


I look forward to serving as your Ward 1, Fayetteville City Council Member.

Here is the article in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette:


Here is the article in the Fayetteville Flyer:


Sincerely and with much gratitude,


P.S. If you want to see my reaction election night, here’s the video I took of myself and my friends at my watch party, balling my eyes out from elation.


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