Always Keep Fayetteville Funky

Use courtesy of Penguin Ed's

Use courtesy of Penguin Ed's

You’ve heard it. You’ve see the bumper stickers. You probably agree with it in principle, but what does it mean? I recently spoke with Ed Knight, better known to Fayettevillians as “Penguin Ed,” about what he had in Mind when he coined it.

He said he was on a trip with his daughter to the Pacific Northwest when he noticed all the “Keep Portland Weird” stickers and signs everywhere in that city. He said to his daughter that Fayetteville need a campaign like that, a campaign to ensure that we continue to intertwine the arts and the eclectic nature of what makes us unique to the region. A campaign to “Keep Fayetteville Funky.”

But, what is funky? Well, the guy who coined it owns a BBQ joint as famous for its cookies as it is for it’s ribs. It’s an underground restaurant that’s just as fun to look at as it is to eat in. It’s a farmers market that’s as famous for its dogs and live music as it is for its local and fresh produce. Its sustaining an environment where a tiny food truck can become a local destination.

Enhance Opportunity

Sonia’s platform pillar of “Always Keep Fayetteville Funky” aligns with Ed’s original idea. She believes that a thriving arts district with affordable space, exhibition and professional development opportunities needs the local businesses to support it. “Support the arts, our unique curb appeal, and our local businesses that make Fayetteville memorable and funky.”

Protect Our Unique Curb Appeal

One of the unique appeals of Fayetteville is our eclectic collection of buildings, many covered with murals from local and international artists. Sonia sees the value of encouraging new development to work with existing structures to maintain our distinct vibe. We are not a cookie cutter town. We don’t want to become one.

The Important Role Of Local Business

We love our local businesses because they make shopping an experience. Whether it is the used book store, or one of our many great coffee shops, our local businesses add to the quality of life in Fayetteville. Our awesome collection of funky shops makes Fayetteville a fun and memorable place.

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