Meet Sonia Gutierrez

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Your Next Fayetteville City Council Member, Ward 1 - Position 1

Since falling in love with the place during a college visit in 1991, Sonia has been happy and proud to call Fayetteville her home. She began attending the University the following Autumn and received the first of multiple degrees in 1996, a B.S. in Microbiology. Soon after, she received her second degree from the UofA in 1998, a B.A. in graphic design. In line with her tireless quest and love for education, she received her third degree in 2000, an M.F.A. in Design from the Parsons School of Design in New York City.

Sonia’s vision for Fayetteville shares the longstanding values that have made our community both unique, and accessible. Sonia believes our best path forward includes keeping Fayetteville: Financially Fit, Friendly, and Funky.

Sonia’s idea for maintaining a financially fit Fayetteville is to attract businesses, big and small, that align with our community’s values, and support its employees. In addition, supporting local artists and freelancers is key to the sustainability of today’s financially fit community. Sonia aims to help Fayetteville to, “Support a healthy ecosystem of businesses, organizations, and individuals that share the values of Fayetteville—people and environment.”

For Sonia, the idea of keeping Fayetteville friendly extends to both visitors and residents alike. Surrounded by natural beauty, Fayetteville offers a variety of unique shopping, restaurants, festivals, and sports that keep people coming back for more. Sonia will also work hard to ensure that all resident voices are heard and that access to our city services remains open to all. Sonia wants to, “Invite all people to be involved in city government so that all voices are represented and remove barriers for visitors and residents.”

Support the arts, our unique curb appeal, and our local businesses that make Fayetteville memorable and funky
— Sonia Gutierrez

Fayetteville has long been known for its heritage of attracting top creative talent resulting in an organic arts community. As a designer, student and educator, Sonia understands the importance of what it takes to maintain that vibrant arts scene in a community. From keeping housing and workspaces affordable to providing vital professional development in the areas of business and marketing, Sonia will work hard to ensure Fayetteville does indeed stay funky. Sonia is committed to, “Support the arts, our unique curb appeal, and our local businesses that make Fayetteville memorable and funky.”



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