Keep Fayetteville Financially Fit


Financial fitness means Fayetteville supports businesses and individuals whose values align with those of our community. “A company that values its people and the environment is a company that gets it.” Fayetteville’s values attract businesses, small and large, that understand this concept and employ it to create a healthy economy.

Support a healthy ecosystem of businesses, organizations, and individuals that share the values of Fayetteville—people and environment.
— Sonia Gutierrez

Identify and Attract Businesses that Align with Fayetteville’s Values

“Large businesses that value people and the environment is what Fayetteville cares about.” Sonia knows that good stewardship of our environment must be a priority for our city and its businesses. Preserving our beautiful city skyline of Ozark forest, while preventing sprawl, congestion, and pollution are key considerations when attracting businesses that keep Fayetteville financially fit. In addition, those large businesses that value their workforce through good paying jobs is one that fits in Fayetteville.

Build Small and Medium-Size Businesses and Organizations to Become Future World-class Leaders

Small and medium-size businesses and organizations who value their talent and choose environmentally sound policies are the successful entities of the future. Fayetteville encourages these practices and should incentivize companies that have sustainable people and environment practices. These policies are the future, and Fayetteville is committed to be a regional leader in this direction.

Support our Local Freelancers, Artists, and Start-Ups to Grow into their Full Potential

As one of the leaders and entrepreneur of Fayetteville’s creative economy, Sonia knows how important resources are for our local creatives and startups to get a business going and thrive. Fayetteville is a key player in the region’s growing art scene and economy. From diverse theater offerings, to our robust live music scene, ever-growing startup community, art walks, studios, farmers’ market and more, Fayetteville has supported what makes us unique for decades. Sonia strives to bolster our local creatives and startups that are at the forefront of innovation.


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